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Second Paw Pageant Dog Show 2015

The Santa Fe Youth Symphony Association (SFYSA) presented its 2nd Annual Paw Pageant, “The Dog Show for Every Dog” on May 9, 2015

 Photography by Pet Angel Irina

2 Paw Pageant in Santa Fe


Independence Day Fireworks and Our Pets

Pets and 4th July

From Fearful to Cheerful and All of the Shades in Between

If you are living with a fearful dog you know first-hand how taxing it is.

Please come into free and open to public dog behavior event, presented by Almudena Ortiz Cue, the owner of C.H.A.C.O. Dog Tra...

Pet Sitting in Santa Fe

Pet Angel Santa Fe

Why is Pet Angel Irina my best choice of pet sitter?

Pet Angel, LLC is licensed (# 16-00125232) and permitted (# 16-018) by City of Santa Fe. Irina provides exceptional  one-of-a-kind in-your-house a...

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