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KOB survey of convicted burglars reveals how, why they strike

house security by dog and cat image


Many homeowners rely on man’s best friend to sound the alarm against intruders, but survey revealed dogs don’t deter many burglars, but they ...

Professional Animal Care Permit for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

professional animal care permit

Professional Animal Care Permit for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Santa Fe, NM

The City of Santa Fe Animal Services Division is dedicated to ensuring the health and well being of the animals...

Randi’s Reptiles


Santa Fe, NM is very pet friendly city and many citizens have a several pets in a house...

Adopted kitties happy life. Meet Cantaloupe and Watermelon


As a professional pet sitter and a cat photographer for Felines & Friends New Mexico, I meet many beautiful cats as my furry clients. Very often my eyes just driven to see the wild beauty of them. This young playful couple of grey and orange tubby cats with perfectly located lines, spots and dots on the sides and back are some of my favorite. They were adopted from Felines & Friends New Mexico.

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This is a story, cats’ Mom Rachel W. told me:

“Last spring, a few months after our sweet 16 year old cat passed away, we decided we were ready to adopt ...

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