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Pet Halloween Tips

Halloween cat costume photograph by Pet Angel Santa Fe

Tips for Avoiding Scaredy Cats and Fearful Fidos this Halloween

For pet owners busy planning or planning to attend “spooktacular” events, Pet Sitters International (PSI) recommends these special p...

Back to Raw Diet for Cats

Pet Angel Santa Fe excersises cat Tammy

Your cat’s nutrition is important for a healthy & happy life. Many of the most common feline diseases are linked to how and what we feed our cats. Obesity and diabetes mellitus are obvious examples.


Adopted Kitties Happy Life (Velvet and Blue)


When people adopt a cat or two from Felines & Friends New Mexico  , they often rename the cats...

Cats for Adoption

Red Tubby Cat Photographed by Pet Angel Irina

Pet Angel Irina photographed cats ready   for adoption via  Felines & Friends New Mexico  and waiting for you to visit them at Petco, Santa Fe

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