Pet Calendar 2015


Santa Fe Animal Shelter final call for 2015 Pet Calendar. This is a chance for you to immortalize your pet and support SFAS at the same time.

Fat Boy and Fat Cat


In XVII century, at Dutch Golden Age, when there were no glossy magazines with slim models, they thought that it’s not ugly to have a big belly. But some people believed that personal fat storage was correlated to money storage, and that obese people are not modest and they are thinkung too much about material matters.
Let us have a look at the Portrait of Gerard Andriesz. Bicker by Bartholomeus van der Helst that often serves as an example of a spoiled aristocrate image because of Gerard’s chic costume, his obesity and the smug look in his eyes. What the original version of the masterpiece reveal:

Meghan L.

When we want to go on vacation I know whom to hire to sit with our cat Milosh. I know that Irina takes the best care and gives a personal attention to our pet.

I’m also happy, that Irina provides such...

Paul W.

I know Pet Angel Santa Fe since 2011. I’ve watched this business grow. Because of the great service and responsible attention of pets I’m impressed of her pet services and pet photography….

I’d rec...

Designed by Igor Skibenko