Pet Angel Irina is your best choice of pet sitter

Pet Angel Santa Fe

Pet Angel, LLC is licensed (# 17-00125232) and permitted (# 17-002) by City of Santa Fe.

Pet Angel Irina provides exceptional  one-of-a-kind in-your-house animal care, dog walking, administering medications to your pet, pet photography, house care and personal assistance in Santa Fe, Aldea, Tesuque, Las Campanas, La Tierra, Hyde Park, Seton Village, El Dorado, Lamy etc.

Basic prices:

  • In-Your-Home one hour animal care visits – from $40,

  • Dinner-to-Breakfast Stay visits – from $75,

  • 20 Hour In-Your-Home-Care Stay – from $110

Here is an extended list of my fees

Prices are subject to change without any further notice.

Business card Pet Angel

I do not charge per head, for administering medications, for cats’ nails trimming, for watering your plants.

I can handle a multi animal family.

Feel free to send me a request  , or text message, iMessage @  (505.920.6328) , drop me a line @ , or give me a call @ 505.920.6328

Thank you!


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