Meet Kiko (Rainey) and Javi (Romy), happy kitties adopted from Felines & Friends New Mexico

I think, for Felines & Friends New Mexico volunteers and for foster parents this would be a good news to know that this cats are in a good hands.

I got this beauties recently as a new pet sitting clients and met them and their Mom Carol at their new forever home. I photographed them while provided pet sitting services.

 I immediately got a contact with this curious, playful, gorgeous and gracious cats at Meet and Greet for their Mom pet sitting request. Carol told me that she and her husband first saw kittens photographs in newspaper ad from Felines & Friends New Mexico. They belonged to a so called “Rail Yard” rescued litter and were raised and fostered at the family in Los Alamos. A beautiful Russian Blue named Rainey, and an adorably scruffy Tortie named Romy. Carol and her husband made an arrangements to meet these 4 month old kittens at their foster home.

This is what Carol told me at the meeting:

“We walked into the foster home and a wonderful scene! The litter of foster kittens was playing with the family dog and children, as the 2 family cats watched the whole playful scene. The Russian Blue kitten was immediately part of our family. We chose a different Tortie, one who cuddled up to me while we played with all her siblings. They came home with us and became Kiko (Russian Blue, Rainey) and Javi (Tortie, Romy).

These kittens are now growing into loving, friendly cats. I am grateful to everyone involved with Felines and Friends. Their system took in these tiny abandoned kittens, bottle fed them, and found them a loving foster home. That home was instrumental in socializing them. It certainly produced these amazing, entertaining, sweet cats, Kiko and Javi, that we are so happy to have in our family.”

My next photo story will be about adopted happy cats Melon (Soleado) and Watermelon (Zeth).



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