Cat Adoption

Pet Angel Photography for Cat Adoption

I believe, that even one good photograph can save a life

Pet Angel Irina volunteers her time and skills by photographing cats available for adoption from Felines & Friends New Mexico at Adoption Centers at Petco (Santa Fe) and  Teca Tu  to replace the “in-take” photos of cats. They usually look scared on a picture when they are first brought in. An inaccurate head shot can hurt it’s chances of adoption, but an uplifting, hopeful portrait can save it’s life.

Rescue cat Mama Rosa was given a new professional portrait for potential adopters. Adopted in June 2014

Almost all photos are grouped by photo session day and available for view on my photo album on  FaceBook page. Please, don’t forget to click “Like”, if you really like what I do!

cats for adoption via Felines and Friends New Mexico
Rescue cat Galena was available for adoption. Adopted in March 2015

Pet parents, who adopted cats at Felines & Friends NM, also can go visit  and share photo of adopted kitty with friends and purchase a portrait. Photos of cats posted as cats named by Felines & Friends. Please, do not hesitate to contact  me, if you did not see a photo of your adopted kitty. I may have it in my archive and will upload it at your request.

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