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Pet Angel Santa Fe excersises cat Tammy

Your cat’s nutrition is important for a healthy & happy life. Many of the most common feline diseases are linked to how and what we feed our cats. Obesity and diabetes mellitus are obvious examples.


Cocktails for Critters 2016

Felines & Friends NM

2016 Fundraising event for Felines & Friends New Mexico

Pet Angel Irina, as a cat photographer for Felines & Friends New Mexico, invites you to support the cat rescue organization.

Pet Angel Irina vol...

Lucky rescued cat

Rescued Kitty

Santa Fe locals rescue cat trapped in cistern

A small cat trapped in a 20-foot-deep cistern for at least four days has been freed, thanks to a few local residents, an animal rescue organization and a ...

Cats for adoption March 16, 2016

Some kitties need forever home! Stop by Felines & Friends Adoption Center at Petco on Cerrillos road to say “Hi!” and check them out!

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