Professional Pet Sitting Is A Real Job

Pet Angel Santa Fe pet sitting

Professional pet sitting is not the work of high schoolers—or family members or friends.

Professional pet sitters are small-business owners—vital contributors to their communities and the local econ...

A Dog Was Caught in a Trap. Sign a Petition to End Trapping in New Mexico


Activist calls for removal of leg-hold traps on public lands

Z Jacobson was hiking with her dogs, Noodles and Lulu, and a friend along a new trail off Old Buckman Road in the Santa Fe National Fores...

Pet Sitting in Santa Fe

Pet Angel Santa Fe

Why is Pet Angel Irina my best choice of pet sitter?

Pet Angel, LLC is licensed (# 16-00125232) and permitted (# 16-018) by City of Santa Fe. Irina provides exceptional  one-of-a-kind in-your-house a...

Professional Animal Care Permit

professional animal care permit

Professional Animal Care Permit

The City of Santa Fe Animal Services Division is dedicated to ensuring the health and well being of the animals. As part of this mission, City Animal Services requires those who offer pet services within boundaries of the City abide by additional regulations in it’s current 2014 version.

City of Santa Fe Animal Services Ordinance  5-6.2 requires that breeders and persons operating kennels, grooming parlors, pet shops, animal training, dog walking service, pet sitting service, circus acts, or shelters obtain an annual professional care permit at cost of $250. It shall expire December 31 of each calendar year, and sh...

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