Pet Sitting

How to Care for a Three-Legged Cat

Three legged cat Enrique was adopted from Santa Fe animal shelter

As a professional pet sitter I had a few three-legged cats to care for. One kitty was injured and his owner took him to Vet Office for an amputation. Another three legged cat, Enrique, was adopted fro...

A shining Christmas in a once-dead mining town. Madrid, New Mexico

pet angel santa fe presents a pet friendly trip to Madrid, NM

A place to visit. Pet friendly trip.

One of the Santa Fe, NM area tourist attraction on hwy 14 between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Beautiful ride on Turquoise trail, nice scenery, must visit historical ...

KOB survey of convicted burglars reveals how, why they strike

house security by dog and cat image


Many homeowners rely on man’s best friend to sound the alarm against intruders, but survey revealed dogs don’t deter many burglars, but they ...

Fine Lifestyles Santa Fe magazine about cats

Pet Angel Irina as a cat photographer for Felines & Friends New Mexico photographs cats for adoption websites at adoption center at Petco on Cerrillos road.

Cat photographs published in Fine Lifestyles Santa Fe magazine

Pet Angel photography

It happens that when ...

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