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Pet Angel Santa Fe

Why is Pet Angel Irina my best choice of pet sitter?

Pet Angel, LLC is licensed (# 16-00125232) and permitted (# 16-018) by City of Santa Fe. Irina provides exceptional  one-of-a-kind in-your-house a...

7 Annual “Cocktails for Critters”

Felines & Friends NM

Fundraiser event for Felines and Friends 2015

Pet Angel Irina, as a cat photographer for Felines and Friends New Mexico, invites you to support the cat rescue organization.

Pet Angel Irina volunteer h...

Halloween is almost here! Vote for PetAngel!


Just wanted to let you know, that my dogs Fru-Fru and Tosha are on the Halloween Pet Contest on TV channel 4 under #56. Please, take a minute to review and vote for my photograph. Let’s help my dogs win and became a TV celebrities.

Please, visit KOB4 channel website below, enjoy Halloween Pet photographs and vote for us:


Pet Calendar 2015


Santa Fe Animal Shelter final call for 2015 Pet Calendar. This is a chance for you to immortalize your pet and support SFAS at the same time.

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