In Your House Day + Night Pet Care

Due to my own 17 yo chihuahua health condition I temporarily do not offer this service. Please, contact me 505-920-6328 if you would like to consider in-home style dog, cat boarding in secure environment instead.

I spend day and night with your pets in your home. Your animals will enjoy the comfort of familiar surroundings. I allow myself to leave for a couple of hours in AM and/or PM, if necessary, to visit other pets. Leashed hike on nearby trail, morning and evening walks in neighborhood are included. I do not charge per pet, per med. I can handle multi pet family.

Please note: in order to keep you on schedule 50% deposit is required; if you will have a yard full of dog’ pooo prior to my services start day, I will cleaned it and will charge you a $50 poo fairy cleaning fee.