It was a nice little snowstorm today in Santa Fe, NM.  Days before was cold and windy. Did your dog switched to it’s winter clothing? My chihuahuas definitely did.  If you are concerned about your dog being cold, there is certainly no harm in putting clothing on him. Your dog really do not care about the color or style you dress him, but you do! So go ahead and get (or make) the matching owner-pet-sweater-combos. Believe me, your dog will love the attention you show him while putting the clothes on, so just have fun while you both stay warm!

Finding a Good Sweater

Once you have decided to get a sweater for your dog, you will need to begin by considering material. While wool is very warm and one of the best insulating materials, take into account how often it will need to be washed, and whether it will make your dog more uncomfortable due to itching. A good blend of washable wool and cotton or acrylic may be the best bet.

Second, just as you would measure your own neck, chest and waist before buying a piece of clothing, measuring your dog is the best way of assuring the best fit. Why do you want it to fit? So that your dog cannot easily pull the piece off, so it doesn’t drag on the ground, and so it doesn’t get caught on anything during normal movement. You want the piece to be snug without being tight.

The most important areas to measure are around the neck, around the largest part of the chest, and the distance from the neck to the waist. The sweater’s length should end around the waist, leaving the lower bellow free. Knowing your dog’s actual weight will also help you to determine the correct size. If possible, take your dog along to the store with you try the clothes before buying them, as returns are very difficult when it comes to clothing for animals.

It almost goes without saying, but we will mention it anyway, dogs cannot, or should not, wear pants — only sweaters and jackets.

 Check especially around the arms (in the “armpit” area) and around the neck to be sure there is freedom of movement, but not too much excess fabric. Also, choose pieces that are easy to put on and take off, nothing you have to pull too tightly over your dog’s head or that cause you or the dog to struggle.

Another important consideration is checking for any additional parts — like zippers, hooks, buttons or tags. The best pieces will have nothing that can be chewed off and swallowed. Some outside jackets are made with hooks to attach a leash to, but they are meant to be worn only under direct supervision and should be removed once the dog is left to her own devices. That is, when you are not directly observing her, such as during sleep/work/other hours.

Which would you choose?

The winter is here and the time has come for the people to roll out their winter garments to keep themselves warmer and the same would be with your lovable dogs to wrap them with winter dog clothes. Your mind would be wobbling like a pendulum to choose the best winter clothes to suit the needs of your life’s very special companion. Thousands of questions will be popping up on your mind; “Can I go with a soft sweater for my doggy to keep him warm under its soft fabric? Or will that be sufficient to provide him with a thick winter coat to protect him from the cold wind? Or will my furry friend look stylish and warm with a safe winter jacket?” And finally with decision you will be like a cat on the wall confused with its wide range and varieties among the winter apparels.

Questions may be in hundreds or thousands regarding which would you choose among the winter dog clothes but there can be only one basic question behind all these questions, rather than fashion and coziness will this winter dog cloth keeps my pet warm, comfortable and safe against the freezing winter? In order to find the answer for this question let us analyze deeply on the types and ranges of winter dog clothes and its impact on your canines.

A Highlighted Fact: The statistical report of APPA (American Pet Products Association) 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey in United States results that, approximately there are 78.2 million dogs and 39% of houses in U.S. possess at least one doggie.

Different kinds of winter dog clothes

If we can look back and read the history behind the dog clothes, it would make us amazed at how dog clothes have altered along with the time period. The dogs for the first time wore their clothes on the military regiment as a safeguard against the attacks and to withstand the prevailing climatic atmosphere. Later when dogs began to occupy the hearts of people to be one among their family and the pet owners in order to provide special protection against the cold winter, they were given the choice of,

  1. Dog Sweaters
  2. Dog Winter Coats
  3. Dog Winter Jackets

It is the responsibility of the dog owners to decide which to choose among those based on its usability. The reason behind bringing the variety in its kinds would be the idea of comfort and suitability with dogs as clothing differs a lot with the breeds and size of the dog. There are great differences with small and large dogs and as such also with puppies, adults and old dogs. On the other hand the winter clothes too with its characteristics have much impact on the differentiation.

Any dog lover would expect their dog’s comfort with the winter dog clothes rather than for its fashion and cozy look. The dogs tend to lose the heat through their ears and most of the winter clothes do not cover their ear which is very unwelcoming aspect for them. So the winter apparel should be in such a way to give a complete protection to the dog to cover its whole body.

Sweaters would be an ideal winter wear for them as it comforts your dogs as a first priority and it’s easy to wear and easy to take off with the dogs and it never disturbs their movement which is a very good aspect with winter dog clothes.

Why Dog Sweaters?

Why I should go with a dog sweater towards the protection of cold winter? Let’s find out the answer for those with a small research over its features, advantages and disadvantages. A little Beagle is entirely different from a big Mastiff as all dogs are not of the same size and they vary in size and weight. And also you could assess huge differences within among a puppy, adult and an old dog among the various breeds. Every dog differs in its physique from the other dog and that insists the importance of choosing the suitable winter dog clothes according to the dog’s need. A sweater comes in sizes to suit a Toy Poodle with a size of XX small and also to suit Newfoundland with the size of XX large which by means meant for all sizes of dogs.



  1. Dog sweaters highly concentrate on dog’s comfort with its lightweight nature.
  2. Beyond its comfort it is emerging as fashion apparel with its look.
  3. Sweaters have become the necessary clothing for any dog breed varying in shape and size.
  4. Sweaters have marked a noticeable difference in keeping up your dog’s feel of well being.
  5. They are made out of a wide range of fabrics like cotton, Argyle, wool, fleece and cashmere.
  6. Comes out in all possible colors to beautifully suit the dog’s coat. Your dogs can also enjoy the spots, checkered and stripe designs over their sweaters.

Puppies would be very playful and naughty and making them wear a dress is a real tough task and there comes the puppy sweaters which are completely designed for the comfort of little puppies. Sweaters for puppies can be worn on them very easily as the fabric used in it won’t make them feel the uneasiness in wearing and also they will be left free in moving around after they have been dressed up in a little dog sweater.

In the case of large dog sweater it fits them easily due to its expandability and its stretchable nature covers their whole body keeping them warm around their neck and stomach. They even come with a hood to take care of their ears for extra warmth and as with older dogs’ sweaters soothe them with its fabric. Older dogs will find it difficult in controlling their body temperature and also it quickly gets affected with cold as their immunity power gets diminished as they get old. Sweaters give them special protection against severe cold and would give them great relief.

There is a strong recommendation from veterinarians for dog sweaters to long-haired and larger breeds like Briard, Collie and Komondor etc. As sweaters are with lightweight feature, dogs would love to wear it for their daily walks and during the days and nights of winter either it is going to be big dog sweaters or a small dog sweater. As for as its cost is concerned its price ranges from $10 to $65 and it is of an affordable range with nominal price and it differs with brands.


  1. Sweater of dog can also be worn as a combination wear with a coat or a jacket so as to ensure a complete protection for your pets.
  2. The lightweight nature gives more comfort to the dogs.
  3. The fabric’s stretchable feature adds more benefit to the sweater.
  4. Even hairless and short-haired dogs can enjoy the benefits of sweaters.
  5. Sweaters are more suitable for the places with a temperature of below -18° C.
  6. The very best part in sweaters is that it covers the body of the dog evenly starting from chest to its tail and also a hood to cover its head and ears.


  1. In very rare cases dogs take some time to adapt to wear sweaters.

You could find different free sweater patterns for your perusal in designing your pet’s sweater. If you have decided to go with a sweater winter apparel then start considering the material or fabric used in it. Woolen sweaters are very comfortable as it gives more warm and also because of its insulating materials. Make sure washable wool is used in it and measure your dog’s chest, neck and waist in order to get the best fit sweater for your little canines.

Why Dog Coats?

Your dog’s age, breed and its weather sustainability power greatly influence the dogs need towards the warmth during the day and the nights of shivering winter. You can turn your dog’s winter into a comfortable winter with your choice of selecting the right coat for dogs. Little dogs weighing below 20lbs like Chihuahuas, Miniature Pinchers and Toy Terriers and other short-haired dogs are the kind of dogs needs extra protection as they tend to lose their body heat very soon in cold weather. So they are in the critical need of little dog coats or small dog coats for their protection.


Larger dogs with a weighing range of 30-55 lbs even though they have the ability to recover back soon from the cold striking climate; a large dog coats would be their best suited winter clothing. Senior dogs do benefit from wearing the dog winter coats as they find it very comfortable to wear it on and their joint and bone problems will be kept away if a coat is given as their winter wear.


  1. The winter dog coat is genuine for its durability as it goes to stay longer over a few years.
  2. Easy to wear and easy to remove which helps the dogs to get used to it very soon.
  3. Waterproof dog coats are available for the dog’s rainy winters.
  4. Winter coats cover the whole body of your dogs including its legs which keeps them warm and dry throughout the days and nights.
  5. Dog winter coats protect the dog’s stomach and chest area giving extra warmth to the internal organs.
  6. Your dog is going to be safeguarded against the chilly weather and also they maintain a stylish look by wearing dogs coat.

Large dog, small dog’s comfort level – Either it is going to be a large dog coat or small dog coats the coat should comfort the dogs with respect to its movements and wearing. Basically dogs are not meant for wearing clothes and they tend to ignore clothing. Large dogs like Afghan Hounds, Shepherd dogs, Sheepdogs, Collie have a larger body and hence they need extra protection against the bad winter weather and coats for large dogs does the job of protecting those larger dogs.

The Chihuahuas, Pugs, Toy Terriers, Shih Tzus, Beagles, Maltese and other smaller breeds would not be able to withstand the cold weather as their skin has very thin fatty layer and short hair which fails to keep them warm during winters. If your little pooches go out in the winter, their walks are made comfortable with little dog coats without giving any hindrance. Wool puppy coats are the perfect fit for your little dogs covering its belly part and ensure them staying longer out in the winter. Rather than being a fashionable coat the puppy coat fits their little body very well and makes them get the proper care against the winter.

Adult dogs do use the winter coats for their winter care like that of the puppies and more importantly the older dogs need to be given much care as they have to face a number of health discomforts during winter. The winter coats cover their whole body to avoid shivering when exposed to severe cold winds of winter. The winter dog coats comforts with its adjustable strap to fit to the size of the dog so that it never slips from the dog’s body which helps them to move freely over their run and walk. You can avail the market’s ready-made dog coat pattern to stitch a perfect winter coat outfit for your dogs. Winter dog coats have the price range of $10 to $60 with differing fabric material, colors and sizes.


  1. Fleece dog coats give extra warmth to short-haired and thin dogs.
  2. Adjustable strap for the perfect fit.
  3. Easy to wear and easy to take off.


  1. Sometimes a loose fitting winter dog coat may discomfort the dog’s activities especially with male dogs and a dog may find difficulty in adapting to wearing a full length coat.

Why Dog Jackets?

Dog Jackets are similar to winter dog coats which help your dogs stay warm and allow the dogs in maintaining the proper body temperature. There are differences in the caring with small and large dogs as they differ in size and shape. Small dogs are very active dogs and they are a very good companion for dog lovers. They have the temperament to be friendly, good with kids and their behaviors would be very gentle. Large dogs tend to have a perceptive character and calm and they are slow natured pets.


Dog winter jacket is one among the most famous accessories suiting the dogs’ outdoor activities during which the dog jackets for winter blocks the wind and gives them enough warmth.


  1. Waterproof dog jacket is the best outfit for during your dog’s trips and in their long walks.
  2. Adjustable neck and waist.
  3. Reflective jackets help the dog owners to track out their dogs during the nights and in the darkness.

The jackets for dogs are helpful for both very small breeds and very large breeds with a choice of cool fabrics to suit the climatic needs of both adult and puppies. Senior dogs have less immune power which makes them fall sick so soon with the chillness of winter. They do suffer with bone deficiency due to getting old and winter dog jackets keep them warm all the time and protects them from the chillness. It also prevents the cold getting into their body easily through their weak bone parts by covering them fully over their body.

A winter jacket does not restrict the dog’s shoulder movement because of its perfect fit which allows your small or large dogs to move, jump and run easily over their walk or play. The older dogs during its daily activities with the help of a dog jacket keeps them comfortable staying indoors. The canine lovers have the wonderful benefit of using thunder jackets for dogs to keep them calm during the thunders which dogs hate to hear. These thunder jackets also prevents them from anxiety problems prevailing in the dogs, barking problems and their leash avoiding problems. There is a nominal price range with buying dog jackets which costs you around $10 to $75.


  1. Use of thunder jackets to avoid anxiety problems in your dog.
  2. Fast to wear it on your pets.
  3. Very much apt for older dogs as they keep them warm with the double layered fabric.
  1. A tight fitting jacket may affect your dog’s blood circulation over its body and hence always ensure for a perfect fitting winter dog jacket.


Perfect winter dog clothing should certainly serve your pet’s comfort at the first priority level than its durability and style. Dog sweaters can be the best winter apparel to add snugly warmth to your dogs. Its soft fabric, light weighted feature, flexible, stretchable feature, easy to wear and easy to take off feature all makes the sweater a perfect winter garment. When comparing with other winter garments sweaters are better in cost, durability and comfort.

It can also be combined with any other winter garment like a coat or a jacket to be worn by your dogs which gives them a stylish look. They are perfect for your pooches while they are in both indoor and outdoor and the cost you spend on sweaters fetches you the right value for it. The most important aspect about the sweater is your dog too loves to wear it as it finds very comfortable and they cooperate with their owners in wearing their winter dog sweater.

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