As a professional pet sitter and a cat photographer for Felines & Friends New Mexico, I meet many beautiful cats as my furry clients. Very often my eyes just driven to see the wild beauty of them. This young playful couple of grey and orange tubby cats with perfectly located lines, spots and dots on the sides and back are some of my favorite. They were adopted from Felines & Friends New Mexico.

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This is a story, cats’ Mom Rachel W. told me:

“Last spring, a few months after our sweet 16 year old cat passed away, we decided we were ready to adopt another cat and began our search.  Knowing the great work Felines and Friends does, we started there, and they worked with us every step of the way to ensure that the perfect match was made.  Initially we thought that a young male cat would work best with both our persnickety adult female cat and our very active 5 year old son, but we were quickly won over by the suggestion that a pair of kittens might be a good fit.  Over the next couple of weeks we regularly visited the Felines and Friends cats at Petco, meeting many adorable kitties, until one morning we spotted a little orange tabby kitten – Soleado.

We found out that Soleado had been captured as part of a Trap-Neuter-Release effort and found to be friendly so she was put into a Felines and Friends foster home.  As we played with her, one of the volunteers told us that they  frequently let her out to play with a litter of black and grey kittens, and there was one male that she seemed particularly compatible with – Zeth.  While Zeth slept through most of our first meeting, our family was convinced that Soleado and Zeth would be the perfect new companions for us.  We were soon able to bring them home (and begin the long, slow process of getting our older cat adjusted to these new additions), and our son excitedly spent the next few days deciding on new names for them.  Finally he decided on his two favorite foods…Watermelon (formerly Zeth) and Cantaloupe (formerly Soleado)!

Today Watermelon and Cantaloupe are just over a year old, and we can’t imagine not having them in our lives.  They are very attached to each other, and spend hours each day crazily chasing each other around the house and wrestling.  Watermelon is mellow and purrs almost constantly, while Cantaloupe is feisty and adores our son, sleeping with him every night…we are so happy to have them as part of our family!”

Thank you to all volunteers, adoption advisers for helping kitties to find forever home!

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