Why is Pet Angel Irina my best choice of pet sitter?

Pet Angel, LLC is licensed (# 16-00125232) and permitted (# 16-018) by City of Santa Fe. Irina provides exceptional  one-of-a-kind in-your-house animal care, dog walking, administering medications to your pet, pet photography, house care and personal assistance. I serve Santa Fe, Tesuque, Las Campanas, La Tierra, Hyde Park, Seton Village, El Dorado, Lamy etc.

Basic prices are below and here is extended list of my fees:

  • in-Home visits – from $40,
  • Dinner-to-Breakfast Stay visits – from $75,
  • 20 Hour in-Your-Home-Care – from $110

Feel free to send me a request  or give me a call @ 505.920.6328

Thank you!