Professional pet sitting is not the work of high schoolers—or family members or friends.

Professional pet sitters are small-business owners—vital contributors to their communities and the local economy. Professional pet sitters, such as Pet Angel, LLC (business license #16-00125232, PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL CARE PERMIT  (# 16-018), pay taxes, are insured, bonded, and trained in pet care and pet first aid. They work 24-7 year round to ensure pet owners can have the peace of mind offered by quality, reliable pet care when long work hours or travel keep them from their beloved pets.

Ask any professional pet sitter who has worked a twelve-hour day dashing between pet-care assignments, only to come home and spend additional hours on bookkeeping, payroll and marketing efforts—this is not the work of a high schooler, this is a REAL job.

Ask any professional pet sitter who has missed holidays with her family, extended pet-sitting visits to ensure an ailing pet was comforted or felt the loss of a client’s pet passing—this is not the work of a high schooler, this is a REAL job.

Ask the pet owner who was alerted by his professional pet sitter that his dog’s behavior at the pet-sitting assignment was unusual and recommended an emergency veterinary visit—which saved the dog from dying from canine bloat.

Ask the pet owner who was able to call her professional pet sitter at 2 a.m. when she learns that her mother—on the other side of the country—had been admitted to the hospital in critical condition and is able to secure pet care as she rushes to the airport.

Ask the family whose professional pet sitter has graciously agreed to sit with them as their 15 year-old cat with late-stage chronic renal failure has to be euthanized.

Ask the pet owners who benefit from the services of a professional pet sitter each year.

Pet owners rely on professional pet sitter not only for taking care of the animals but also on a house security.

Professional pet sitter is a long term member of a family, who knows a pet and a house do’s and don’ts.

Dear pet owners, you do not want to hire a schooler, a friend or family a member, because all you want to do is “check in on the pets.”

Besides caring of your animals, include horses, donkeys, birds, small mammals etc, plants and a house Pet Angel Irina offers administering medications to your pet, pet photography and personal assistance.  Pet Angel Irina refer you to another professional pet care services if unable to take your assignment.

This is not the work of a high schooler—in fact, professional pet sitting is even more than a REAL job.

It’s a career, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a passion. Professional pet sitting is certainly a REAL job.

sourse: An Open Letter to the Judge Who Told a Pet Sitter to Get a Real Job 



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