Today I said last good bye, brought a last treat and a plastic poop bag to my client sweet Perlita, 12 yo, 5.5 lb rescued chihuahua. Perlita was such a character, conflict free, sweet to everyone, tiny Alfa Dog of a pack of three chihuahuas in a house. What amazed me the most – is her loving a life’s every moment and, of course, a treats. I never see any chihuahua able to jump so high and run jumping for a treat.

Perlita got very sick this March with heart and lung issues. Her parents  and veterinarian Dr. Smith  took immediate actions and she was on many medications and an oxygen box  treatment. Perlita was able to recover well and enjoy life and jump for treats again for a few more months. When I took care of her and other dogs in a family in April for three weeks, administered her medications and oxygen therapy, she was responding surprisingly well.

Heaven is open for you forever, sweet Perlita! I love you…

Perlita_Heaven_wood_frame_web_8835 copy

photos by Pet Angel Irina

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