Good Friday for dog Lucy

    My dogs and I met this homeless couple: 10 yo chihuahua Lucy and her owner, the young man who introduced himself as Cricket.

It was a chilly day after early spring warm days and just before Easter.  Chi Lucy was dressed in oversized cotton T-shirt and was shaking from a   cold.

Cricket seemed like had already some warming his soul drink. As my chis has so much clothing for different occasions, they did not mind to donate  some sweater to Lucy, luckily she was the same size chi and a female, as we have many things in a pink color. So, we came back home and returned with sweater, leash, harness and some food for Lucy. Cricket dressed Lucy right away. Sweater fitted perfect.

There is a non-profit organization in Santa Fe “The Street Homeless Animal Project”. It’s mission is to assist the street homeless community in obtaining veterinary care and supplies for their companion animal.

Happy Good Friday, Lucy!


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