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Meet Three Legged Kitty Enrique

Three legged cat Enrique was adopted from Santa Fe animal shelter

In my more than five years of a professional pet sitting business Pet Angel, LLC or, as my clients call me Pet Angel Irina, I had a chance to care of a couple of three legged cats. I can tell, they do not feel themselves disabled! They are fast, playful, and they developed some other parts of the body to use for play or hunt: rare legs, mouth. They are very affectionate and thankful to people who family they belong after adoption.

Enrique was adopted by his Mom Alison O. from Santa Fe Animal Shelter . His original name was “Cheyenne”, as they thought he was a female. He had arrived three months before with a respiratory infection and a lame front leg, which was removed right away. He got treatment and was neutered.

Enrique, named after Alison’s father name Eric, was very shy at first couple weeks at his new home. Even he was free to roam in apartment, he was somewhat frightened and withdrawn. Slowly, he let his guard down and became more playful and affectionate.

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Though he only has three legs, nothing held him back from his favorite games. In fact, he makes up for his disability by catching small balls with his mouth.

Like a new mother Alison was nervous about leaving him behind for the Christmas holiday, but she found my business, Pet Angel, LLC on the Internet when searched on G...

Professional Pet Sitting Is A Real Job

Pet Angel Santa Fe pet sitting

Professional pet sitting is not the work of high schoolers—or family members or friends.

Professional pet sitters are small-business owners—vital contributors to their communities and the local econ...

The Dog Show for Every Dog

Family and pet fun event in Santa Fe Dog Show Paw Pageant

2 Annual Paw Pageant

The Santa Fe Youth Symphony Association (SFYSA) will present its 2nd Annual Paw Pageant, “Dog Show for Every Dog” on Saturday, May 9, 2015 from 10:30 AM to 2 PM at the Railyard Park.  Partners include the Santa Fe Railyard and the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society who will be on site with their adoption van. Main event sponsors, “Alpha Dogs”, include Tulliver’s Pet Food Emporium and Whole Foods Market. The other sponsors: Assistance Dogs of the West, Bounce Back Integrative Veterinary Rehabilitation LLC, Chicago Dog Express, Theresa Montano, First National Bank, Hillary Vermont Pet Tee Designs for Humans, Kaffee Haus KLN Family Brands, Lucky Dawg Daycare and Training Center, Monte Vista Fuel & Feed Co, Nature’s Variety, Papa Murphy’s, Peaceful Pet Sitters, LLC, Pooch Pantry Bakery & Boutique,   Santa Fe Paws, Santa Fe Tails, Street Homeless Animal Project, Teca Tu-A Pawsworthy Pet Emporium.

Registration and music performances w...

Professional Animal Care Permit

professional animal care permit

Professional Animal Care Permit

The City of Santa Fe Animal Services Division is dedicated to ensuring the health and well being of the animals. As part of this mission, City Animal Services requires those who offer pet services within boundaries of the City abide by additional regulations in it’s current 2014 version.

City of Santa Fe Animal Services Ordinance  5-6.2 requires that breeders and persons operating kennels, grooming parlors, pet shops, animal training, dog walking service, pet sitting service, circus acts, or shelters obtain an annual professional care permit at cost of $250. It shall expire December 31 of each calendar year, and sh...