In my more than five years of a professional pet sitting business Pet Angel, LLC or, as my clients call me Pet Angel Irina, I had a chance to care of a couple of three legged cats. I can tell, they do not feel themselves disabled! They are fast, playful, and they developed some other parts of the body to use for play or hunt: rare legs, mouth. They are very affectionate and thankful to people who family they belong after adoption.

Enrique was adopted by his Mom Alison O. from Santa Fe Animal Shelter . His original name was “Cheyenne”, as they thought he was a female. He had arrived three months before with a respiratory infection and a lame front leg, which was removed right away. He got treatment and was neutered.

Enrique, named after Alison’s father name Eric, was very shy at first couple weeks at his new home. Even he was free to roam in apartment, he was somewhat frightened and withdrawn. Slowly, he let his guard down and became more playful and affectionate.

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Though he only has three legs, nothing held him back from his favorite games. In fact, he makes up for his disability by catching small balls with his mouth.

Like a new mother Alison was nervous about leaving him behind for the Christmas holiday, but she found my business, Pet Angel, LLC on the Internet when searched on Google for “pet sitters in santa fe”. Alison contacted me and I assured her that I will do my best to make relationship with Enrique. Even he will be hiding from me I will stay in apartment, may be lay on a floor to be closer to him, and talk to him, let him smell me.

Enrique first a few visits hid from me first, than he stared eat from my hand, than in one day he met me at the door! That was a great day for me as a pet sitter! since then Enrique meets me every time, meows, wants me to pet and play with him. Honestly, I feel like I go to for a date! We both enjoy our pet sitting time together! This photographs I made when I pet sat for him last time.

Alison says: “What a different cat he is today! He is very confident and vocal and he struts his stuff. Enrique is no longer that shy cat. I was almost jealous! Even more, I was so grateful that he had found both his voice and his guardian angel – Pet Angel Irina

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