Safe and fun way to make your dog part of the season.

  • Include your dog in your holiday photo. Hire Pet Angel to create  “Pet any Holiday”  photo during a year.
  • Include pet signature on holiday cards with a paw stamp. Or create Paw Print Ornament DIY
  • Take pet caroling with you.
  • Hang and fill a stocking for your canine or feline pal. Don’t forget to add some catnip.
  • Plainly wrap a gift for your pet (no ribbons or bows), and let him open it. Make many wrapped gift boxes from Ready-to be recycled-soon cardboard boxes.
  • Create a Pet-holiday-family tradition.
  • Book your Pet Sitter ahead.
  • Make a place at the table for your dog. Prepare a special doggie treats (no human food left overs!).
  • Include your dog in your holiday party, dress your dog, but make guests aware of any important canine rules.